Master Golang Struct Data Structure [4 Easy Examples]

In this tutorial, we will learn about master Golang struct data structure using 4 easy examples.  Like any other programming language, Golang also supports many built-in and  composite data structures.  Struct is very powerful and user friendly data structure that allows the developers to group together different types of data fields under the same data … Read more

[Solved] How to Upgrade Go Version in Linux

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Top 10 Golang Coding Interview Questions and Answers (2023)

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Golang: Understand Packages and Modules

Introduction In this tutorial, we will learn about Golang understand packages and modules. In Golang, packages and modules are really inter related. We use modules for managing the packages. Go module was introduced in Go version 1.11 for better package management that allows dependencies to be located outside of the $GOPATH/src folder. In the upcoming … Read more

Understand Functions in Golang: [7 Best Examples]

In this tutorial, we will learn about functions in Golang using 7 best examples. In any programming language, functions are a fundamental building block of the language. Functions in Golang share some similarities with functions in other programming languages but also have some unique similarities that set them apart. In the upcoming sections we will … Read more

Understanding Golang Maps: [5 Best Examples]

In this tutorial, we will learn about understanding Golang Maps using 5 best examples. Maps in any programming language is a data structure which allows you to store key-value pair as elements to it. We will go through the concept of Map, Hash map, feature of Map using examples in the upcoming sections. so let’s … Read more

Golang Arrays vs Slices

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Slices in Golang: [14 Easy Examples]

In this tutorial, we will learn about slices in Golang using 14 easy examples. In Go, both array and slices are used to store elements based on different scenarios. Array has certain limitations like: Array has fixed size Array size must be specified in the declaration Array holds the actual elements and so on Because … Read more

Go Run vs Go Build: [Explained with Example]

In this tutorial, we will learn about go run vs go build explained with example. Both go run and go build are really ways to build the go program. They differ in their function based on the need, requirement and use cases which we will deep dive in the next section. What is Go Command … Read more