Best 12 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in 2023


In this tutorial, we will look at best 12 Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in 2023. As businesses and individuals strive for better efficiency and clarity in their tasks, role of Artificial Intelligence has become seamlessly important. There are many AI tools available today (Free/Paid), each of which helps to speed up the task, provides customized and well organized results and also simplifies business problems. We will look at 13 such AI tools that are used aggressively by businesses and individual professionals.


Best 12 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in 2023 - linuxnasa

Best 12 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in 2023 – linuxnasa

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ChatGPT  is a language model powered by OpenAI. It is designed for natural language understanding and generation, making it suitable for chatbots, virtual assistants, content generation and text-based conversational applications. Businesses use ChatGPT to power chatbots for customer support, providing instant responses to common queries. Personal virtual assistants like Siri or Google Assistant leverage similar technology for natural language understanding and generation.

Pricing : Free to use with Plus starting at $20/month.



WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that generates human-like text content. It is often used for generating articles, blog posts, marketing copy and creative writing, helping writers brainstorm ideas and improve their writing. It assists in generating creative copy for advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Pricing : Free to use with plus starting at $19/month



MidJourney is used for generating images using Prompts. At present this AI tool is accessible only via Discord bot on their official Discord server by direct messaging the bot or by inviting the bot to the third party server.

Pricing : No free trial available. Plus starts at $10/month.



Replit is an online coding platform that allows users to write, run and collaborate on code in various programming languages. It is often used for coding education, development and collaboration on coding projects. It is used in educational settings for teaching and learning programming.

Pricing : Free to you with plus starting at $20/month.



Synthesia is an AI-driven video synthesis platform that generates realistic, computer-generated video content with the help of AI avatars. It can be used for video content creation, marketing and personalized video messages. It helps in creating localized video content with different languages and accents.

Pricing : Starting price for individuals is $30/month.



Soundraw assists musicians in composing music by generating melodies and chord progressions. It is used too generate background music and soundtracks for various media projects.

Pricing : Free to use with plus available at $17/month.




Fliki can automate image and video editing tasks such as resizing, cropping or applying filters. Marketers use it to create visually appealing content for social media platforms.

Pricing : Free to use with plan available at $8/month.


Slides AI

Slides AI is an AI-powered presentation design tool that assists users in creating visually appealing slides and presentations. It can automate slide design, suggest layouts and help users save time when creating professional presentations. It is used to create professional business reports and presentations.

Pricing : Free to use with plus available at $12/month.



Remini is an AI-powered photo enhancement app. It uses AI algorithms to enhance the quality of old or low-resolution photos, making them sharper and clearer. Remini enhances the quality of photos by reducing noise and improving sharpness. It is used for restoring old or damaged photographs.

Pricing : Free to use with plus starting at $5/month



Pictory helps in creating interactive and visually appealing stories, often used in journalism and content marketing. It is used in the creation of digital storyboards for video production.

Pricing : Paid plans starts at $23/month.



Wordtune is an AI-based writing tool that provides suggestions for improving the clarity, tone and style of written content. It is useful for writers and content creators looking to refine their text and make it more engaging. Wordtune assists users in improving the grammar, style and clarity of their writing. Content creators and editors use it to enhance the quality of written content.

Pricing : Free to use with plus available at $10/month.



Descript is an AI powered text-based video editor that simplifies the process of editing videos by allowing users to edit instead of manually cutting. It uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to transcribe audio and video content into text. You can delete word, rearrange sentences and even modify the audio content by editing the text.

Pricing : Free to use with paid plans starting at $15/month.

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